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Revert Stories

Reverts/Converts as they enter Islam, the journey they take, is always inspiring. Take the time to read and enjoy our story collection.

Learn Prayer

Performing the Daily Prayers involves taking prescribed steps in order and in regular succession without undue delay between them . Learn how to pray.

Become a Muslim

None has the right to be worshiped but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

We are here to support and encourage your journey.

Let us guide you along the way!

International Revert Conference

International Revert Muslims Conference

The Revert Muslims Association has put together Revert Conferences in Toronto, Ontario. We look forward to future conferences. Please take a look at our conference from 2011.

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sisters finding sisterĀ  support and guidance

Finding a sisterly bond is truly beneficial, at all steps along your journey to Allah(Swt).

We are working together, to network Sisters world-wide. Learn how you can find someone to contact in your neighbourhood.

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marriage in Islam


Marriage in Islam, is fulfilling half your deen.

Find out why marriage is so important and read articles about the blessings of marriage and even how to go about finding your future spouse.

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