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New to Islam

So you’re new to the religion of Islam. You may have just taken your Shahada or perhaps you’re just curious about our beliefs? Either way, we hope to help you understand the religion in the most straight-forward way possible.

Assalaamu alaykum (Peace be upon you), welcome to our home online and to Islam.

Islam truly is a religion of Peace. That may sound cliché, since it has been used so often but it’s true.

newmuslimThe word ‘Islam’ translates, in Arabic to submission, ‘surrender’. The word comes from the root word ‘Salam’, which you can also derive from ‘peace’ and ‘safety’. You may hear some people describe it to mean a 'slave of Allah(Swt)' but it may be more fitting to use the word ‘Surrender’.

As a Muslim we surrender to the will of Allah(Swt), we obey His commands, we trust in His wisdom.

Islam is a monotheistic religion. Monotheistic means it’s a religion that follows only one God and only one God whom has the right to be worshiped. Everything that exists is through His creation. God is unique with no partners and none are co-equal unto Him. He is all powerful, all merciful.

The religion of Islam guides the follower through every aspect of their life. It really is a way of life.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him), was the last of the Prophets sent down by Allah(Swt). He gave us the Qur’an, the final and last message of Allah(Swt).

Our life is not one of chance, in fact, there is purpose to all of our lives. In Islam life on earth is not a punishment because a forbidden fruit was eaten. It is Gods plan that we exist and dwell on this planet.

Every aspect of your life is a test, a way to prove your worth in the hereafter. The life in hereafter will be an eternal life.

Our life on this earth has a specific purpose; it is not the result of nature's accident, nor is it a punishment for eating the fruit of the forbidden tree. We are here according to God's plan: the worldly life is a test; it is a chance to prove ourselves as deserving of the eternal blissful life in the hereafter. God did not create us just for few years of this life. Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, said,

"You have not been created to perish; on the contrary, you have been created for eternal life.”

Islam is the modern or latest version of the message sent by God through Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Islam was sent to mankind through Prophet Muhammad. Islam is “modern” in the sense that it has come to complement the teachings which were introduced through Moses and Jesus. ~ Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi

According to Islam, the final destination of mankind is the life hereafter. At the end of time, all human beings will be resurrected and will be held accountable for their worldly life. The life in hereafter will be an eternal life. However, whether it will be blissful or full of sorrow depends on how we spend our present life.

It was to help mankind in achieving this objective that God sent various prophets and messengers to guide them. Muhammad is the last prophet, and Islam is the final and complete version of God's message.