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Sisters finding Sisters

Muslim Sisters Connect


The bonds of Sisterhood, are special and it involves a unique kind of love. It is a feeling that is particularly extraordinary for those of us who are revert/convert to Islam.

Muslim Revert Sisters probably outweigh the number of Revert Brothers by a good 5 to 1.  So that’s five Revert Sisters new to Islam for every 1 new Revert Brother. That leaves a lot of Sisters who need a lot of support and what better way to find support then through a network of Sisters.

RMA is looking to create that network of Sister’s by finding Sisters who are leaders or wish to be, in their communities around the world. We’re looking for Sisters who want to take a few hours of the personal time to reach out and connect with Sisters.

Send your details to info@revertmuslims.com subject line: (New Sister) and we’ll do our best to network you online and in-person.

Let’s build this sisterly bond and help one another grow.

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