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Salaam Aleikum:

Only those who understand the peace, tranquility and success that is achieved by following Allah’s message find themselves committed to sharing the message with others. Most Muslims are too busy reading the manufactured misinformation on Islam to develop the appreciation for the wonderful religion they were born into.

They certainly don’t have the time to serve the needs of reverts who have fought through the misinformation and maintained their passion to learn more about Islam. For this reason we all need to be truly appreciative and supportive of your services to this special niche which is an obligation for all muslims, and specially those who would want to give greater exposure to the teachings of the members of the Ahlul Bayt (s).

May Allah give you health, energy, and resources to continue your work.

Was salaam

Sabi Ahsan
Honorary Secretary Al-Eman Society of Canada

"I feel very fortunate to have found RMA online. I have found it to be a safe place to study Islam. As a Christian, I have been impressed by the love and acceptance shown by Muslim sisters and brothers in the forums, and the quality and knowledge of the scholars."

~ Allie
Asaalamu Alaikum


I just wanted to say that these forums and this whole website helped soooo greatly in my studies of Islam that also lead to my reversion to Islam

This website was perfect for me. and every question I had was answered by these forums too.
when ever I need advice or answers to questions I turn to these forums or if I wish to study more about being a Muslim or historical things about Islam I look on this website and find great satisifaction.

Before when I first got interested in Islam I couldn't find any good websites that helped me out and out of nowhere I find revertmuslimassociation and find it to be perfect also something which I like most is how this website also gives extremely good knowledge on Shia Islam and thanks to studying about Shia Islam and its beliefs on this website I am now a very proud Shiite Muslim

I hope the revertmuslimassociation goes farther in this world of growing reverts the whole purpose of this program is great and I've gone from a young religious seeker to a devout Muslim thanks to this website

inshallah I shall continue to study Islam, and how to serve Allah almighty well and I shall turn to the revertmuslimassociation

Peace and Allahs blessing be upon all the people who have created this program and who work on it to help others learn about the great religion of Islam.

B. Hussain-Al-Reza


Assalamu Alaikum

I hope that you are very well, Insha'Allah. This is to express some of my feelings towards your great work at RMA.

A Farsi proverb says, 'You will not appreciate the importance of water while you are beside the Euphrates'. As a born Muslim who lives in Iran, I should admit that sometimes I forget my precious religion, its importance and its perfectness. For me RMA is a means to 'revert' to myself, my origin and my roots. I'm also very happy to see a platform for my Muslim brothers and sisters to know more and more about Islam. The topics are interesting, to the point and up-to-date; the design is very artistic and creative; all these due to pure intentions of the RMA members.

A sunrise from the West is believed to be among the sings of Imam Mahdi's Return. For me the RMA is a sunrise from the West.

Brother Ahmad from Mashhad, Iran


Thank you for your website. May Allah reward you more and more!


Br. Hashmi


Being a part of RMA for only a short time, I have learnt that…

Light is Darkness’s fear... RMA forum is the place to be if you’re in darkness and in fear. It’s a small but powerful united community that care. For some of us here it is a home, a place to grow and a great place to go where we never feel alone.
Sister Zaynab

Shaytan put many doubts into me...And I felt so alone. This site has helped me so much and has shown me that I am not alone! My beloved brothers and sisters here have shown me real care and love...which I have never had before. I truly feel welcome here. Allah has blessed me by guiding me here...Alhamdulillah!!! Brother Hamaz

The RMA website is a storehouse of information that rivals many libraries. RMA forum is like my extended family. Here, I find compassion, support, humor, love. I went to the first annual (inshallah) RMA conference in Toronto, and it was the most spiritually uplifting thing I have done since reverting to Islam. Before, I felt alone, unsure of where I was going and what I needed to do with my life. Now, I know that there are many of us all experiencing the same difficulties and joys, and we have support of a growing community all over the world. Lets not stop with Canada, US, and UK - let's take RMA across South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and everywhere in between. Sister Natalie


I know the road ahead will be bumpy as all life's roads has bumps. I unfortunately took the dirt road that veered from the smooth paved highway that leads to true fulfillment and joy. But hamdulillah was able to back track and walk on the pavement once again! Mash'Allah I am here to stay, I have awakened and nothing can crush my faith again! As I told Jennah in an e-mail, it seems at times like I am better at giving advice than taking heed of that very same advise myself.

Again I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your concerns, it really did/does touch me most deeply. I know I have to take things slow and steady, and I will do just that. I wish to ask you if you have time to please make dua for me, as I go through my healing process. Brother Jason

I just wanted to thank everyone at this site for helping me and making me feel at home. This site really lets me know that i am not alone on my journey. Because of this I would like everyone to witness my declaration of faith.

Ash-hadu alla ilaaha illallah
Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammad-ar-rasool ullah

Thank you so much and I look forward to my experiences within the community. Peace be upon you.

Your Brother,
Muhammad Abdul Aziz
(aka Paul lol)


Salam Alaikum

I’m Mohammed Mahdi, an I am not a revert, but was introduced to this website by a close brother. Hope to contribute more to this website and I hope that this website is successful. Brother Mahdi


To begin I must thank you once again for the wonderful opportunity and I can only pray that I do not let you, nor the readers down. And I have to say your additions are wonderful especially the pictures lol a woman’s touch I guess aye? And Alhamdulillah your site is wonderful in its entirety, the very concept and the fact that you are very dedicated to aiding those new to Islam Mash'Allah, may Allah Subhan Wa Ta'alaa Reward you dear sister...Thankyou once again dear sister. (rma articles) Brother Servidor Esda


I was SO excited to get your email! I did not expect such a prompt reply. Usually you leave messages on websites and they never get back to you. I was so happy to read your email. I have been reading "Muhammad: his life based on the earliest sources", by Martin Lings. Have you ever heard of it? A Muslim brother recommended it to me. I was becoming more and more attracted to Islam and I didn't know why, so I went to the local Masjid here in Portland, OR where I live. The brother I met there recommended this book. I have just started to read it, it goes into all the background of the tribe of Quraysh and the history of Mecca and now I am up to the part where the Prophet (PBUH) has gotten his messages from the angel Gabriel and God and now is having problems with the other Qurayshi because they don't want to believe as his does and continue worshipping idols. I am not even a quarter of the way through this book and I am very moved, sometimes almost to the point of tears, and I am not a crier.I am starting to feel feelings of wanting to convert, but I don't want to rush in. First, I must finish this book and then complete reading the Quran. Then I will be able to make a decision. Thank you again for your support.. Sincerely,

sister Mary Ellen


I have been involved in many different convert groups over time. This one is the most vibrant and active and beneficial I can remember seeing, alhumdooleluh. It is obviously filling a much-needed service. Sister Dianna


I am so excited that I have found someone who has gone through what I am currently. I am very new to Islam however I have learned alot in the last few months. I am only now though learning the Salah, the reason for this is I have decided that I will learn them in Arabic from the start so that I can slowly learn to speak arabic. Sister Crissy


Thank you so much for your offer of a turbah! I am so excited! You'll find my address below... By chance is it from Karbala? Or?... Either way I am happy a very excited!...RMA, has been literally a life saver, and i will never be able to adequately express my thanks!... You are in my duas....

RMA ...is a name which I hope echoes to reach the furthest point in this world and its light extends to heaven to reach Allahs throne ,inshallah, I always feel its my duty to support this magnificent website and advocate its teams particularly sister Jennah who sincerely devoted her life for sake of Allah swt and helping people , she is a role model for faithful reverters or better say believers ,May Allah swt reward her paradise(jennah) as she called herself this beautiful name ,and surely appreciate the great job of all RMA teams and members , inshallah I am hoping this community grows up more and more and I will whole-heartedly support it as long as I am alive and breathe in this world. Brother Ahmed

Searching for information about Islam, I found this community on the internet. The site is very informative: topics about various subjects with lots of information. Also important is the tone of the people here. The atmosphere is peaceful, non judgmental and welcoming. It is like a family, you need, when you are changing your life path.. Sister Liz

RMA is a great resource for reverts and those interested in issues regarding reversion to Islam to gather, discuss, and learn. RMA portrays a positive, non-cultural version of Islam that is actually closer to the true Islam that was revealed to Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and propagated by our Imams(as). RMA is an international gathering place for Muslims from all different backgrounds to get together to discuss and learn about relevant issues affecting the Ummah. This service is greatly appreciated by all who utilize it and we ask Allah(s.w.a) to bless Sis Jennah and others for having the vision, courage, and patience to bring the RMA from an idea into a reality. Brother Abu Hadi

RMA is an amazing resource for anyone with an intention to learn more about Islam. The administrative team and members of this portal create a dynamic community, maintaining Islamic values in propagating the teachings of the Ahlul-Bayt. Moreover, with individuals from myriad of backgrounds, discussions are held with input from different points of view, providing for a deeper understanding on the matter. I have personally learnt alot from this community!! Brother Ali


RMA is the place of comfort, as I joined way back it was still a small community. Today we see it grow and it makes one feel happy.

We are from every corner of the world, and we come together here, explore and learn from each other. As a part of the Team, its wonderful to see how much its also inspire our self, having the possibility to give knowledge further and to be able to help as much as we can.

We get connected even we are far, and The bond between us is very strong. RMA is the ultimate place for every Muslim, good debate's and view's, guidance and teaching ect..Its just The Community.


The blessing that is RMA!

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.

I first stumbled across the revert Muslims web portal after a friend of a friend had sent me an Email regarding the first International Revert conference which took place earlier this year. Little did I know when I clicked the link contained in the Email that I would be entering a whole new community which was to further my spiritual journey in ways I never thought possible.

I use the word “community” in particular, as RMA is much more than a web portal: I realised soon after discovering the site that I had found the one stop shop I had been searching for over so many years. RMA provides an unrivalled source of Islamic information from the ground up, written in clear uncomplicated language, appealing to the Muslim and non-Muslim alike. As a revert who is mainly self taught, I felt there were many contextual gaps in my Islamic knowledge, particularly relating to our own school of thought; the comprehensive collection of essays, books and links available through the site increased my understanding and were able to clarify many of these misconceptions for me.

The ‘forum attached with the site was especially helpful: for the first time, I met many brothers and sisters from across the world who shared my faith and could identify with many of the issues I encountered as a revert shia Muslim living in a predominantly suni community with Christian parents. The forum provides a platform for learning and dialogue, as well as a chance to grow and share experiences both formally and informally, which benefit those who participate and who simply enjoy reading the discussion threads. I have cultivated many long and lasting friendships through the RMA community, and although we are scattered across the world, the internet and the unbreakable bonds of faith keep us close and united with one another regardless of geographical distance.

Some still may argue however, that RMA is but a website after all, there are many other websites fulfilling a similar purpose, as well as live community support in one’s respective area, wouldn’t it be better to connect with other Muslims locally?

While RMA does not claim to take the place of Islamic scholars, community events, masjids etc, it cannot be denied that the demographics of Muslim communities are changing: as are the make-up of these communities, their skill sets and the needs of their individual members: e.g., many of our Islamic centres will only provide lectures in certain community languages, or may not have the cultural awareness to be able to deal appropriately with all levels of interest or ability.

The internet is fast becoming a preferred resource for many with respect to learning and connecting with others. The internet also has the power to connect with some of the most vulnerable and isolated within our communities, providing them with a voice and a sense of identity previously unknown to them. As a revert with a severe visual impairment, I do not have access to any print materials, books etc. Access to certain Islamic activities can be difficult, and discrimination with respect to disability within the Muslim community is perhaps more wide spread than in reality we care to admit.

Through a unique piece of screen reading software, I am able to access ICT and the internet, which has opened an incredible world of Islamic learning for me for the first time. Through the support of RMA, myself and many other visually impaired Muslims like me, are growing in faith and rediscovering Islam which until that time had shown them nothing but hostility. Through the founder of RMA, I have also been able to access a scholarship for an online Islamic studies diploma, something I would never have been able to do through my local community in Scotland. I am now keen to work with RMA to look at other web based learning projects to benefit disabled shia Muslims across the world. The internet has the power to transcend so many boundaries: geographical distance, physical ability and cultural barriers.

While the site’s core ethos is to progress and support the learning of new and revert Muslims across the world, the site is not by any manner of means exclusive, and is composed of a dynamic group of talented individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds, brought together by their faith to make a difference, to learn and to share with one another. I believe this space is representative of a new empowered generation of shia Muslims united by faith in an attempt to influence change, and while this concept translates well on the Internet, it is an example which can and should be replicated in other areas of our communities today: in short, RMA really does demonstrate beautifully how such tiny ripples really do accumulate in to waves of real and lasting change.

Sister Roshni, SCOTLAND

Hey salam everyone this website is probably one of the most influential useful revert or convert sites in the whole of the world wide web

Sr..Rose from London

Psychology major.